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ザ・ワ→ルドお知らせ By お髭っ子

※Permission was granted by the artist to upload their works.


Pairing: Hiroshi/Handa
Theme: coffee shop

"Ehh? Hiro? You can make coffee too?!"

Hiroshi looked up from polishing a mug. “…Sensei, making coffee really isn’t all that hard, ya know…”

A small coffee shop had opened up on the island and Handa had been meaning to go for a week, but kept getting sidetracked. First it was Kawafuji’s phone call, then preparing for an exhibit which, naturally, had to be disrupted by Naru dropping by and making him waste an entire day that ultimately ended in a burst of inspiration.

So he sent off his finished work, ready to finally head to that coffee shop, but Tama and Miwa appeared, asking for his guidance in another calligraphy assignment. Naturally, Handa couldn’t refuse.

Then Naru again, this time with Hina. Then Naru again and again and by the time he finally managed to leave the house without her catching him, more than a whole week had elapsed. Walking along the dirt path, Handa was excited. He hadn’t thought to bring a coffee machine and when he thought of it, the convenience store didn’t sell one. It would be too much trouble to ask Kawafuji to send one over and he could never quite get the ratio of sugar and cream to coffee right. Then when he realize black coffee wasn’t all that bad, he would make it either too strong or too weak and just gave up.

The first thing he saw when stepping in was Hiroshi. He stood out with his height and blond hair, fair skin and being the only one behind the counter. There were a few other people milling around, but it seemed to be slow at that particular time. He called out his name immediately and Hiroshi had almost jolted at first, staring as Handa hurried up the counter, nearly tripping over his own two feet. “Hiro! Hiro!!”

"A-ah… sensei, what would you like…?"

"Hey! Why don’t you just come over and make me a cup?" Handa asked, leaning against the counter with a grin. "Why should I pay when you come over all the time anyway?"

"Ehh?" Hiroshi frowned. "Sensei… this is my job. At least support me here. It’s not even that expensive… are ya that much of a cheapskate?"

Handa waved his hand. “I’m not cheap! I’m frugal!”

"Didn’t ya just buy all those real expensive brushes—"


"What about groceries?! Sensei, yer going to starve because of those brushes! What have I told you about feedin’ yerself?!"

"I-I am!!" he defended, not noticing the looks of everyone else in the shop at their sudden bickering. "Besides, you come over almost everyday! Hey! Actually, why have you been late recently?! What are you doing?!"

"I’ve got class, sensei!"

"But what about me?!”

"What about you?!”

"D-don’t take that tone with me, Hiro!!!"

Whispers began to float through the coffee shop, unbeknownst to the two that were still arguing, seeming to get more heated.

"Ehh? Hiroshi’s got a boyfriend? And that older city guy too…"

"Ah, I know him! He’s always bein’ dragged around by Naru!"

"Pretty pale, isn’t he?"

Even more unbeknownst to them, Tama sat in a corner, hiding her face behind a textbook, shoulders rounded and body trembling, biting her bottom lip.

Hiro-nii goes over every day Hiro-nii makes sensei food Hiro-nii is concerned about sensei’s diet sensei demands why he’s late sensei feels Hiro-nii is neglecting him sensei relies on Hiro-nii for food—



 ...Uselessly hot-blooded people irritate me...

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when someone says something so wrong that really pisses you off but you don’t wanna start an argument so you just sit there like


ダイヤ詰め② | 大江戸かるた [pixiv] 

※Permission to upload was given by the original artist.

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me about to talk in public: *rehearses what im going to say 50 times in my brain*
me: today how you are



PSYCHO-PASS サイコパス 2PV 」|| October 9

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